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We had a week full of impressions behind us. The very first Automation Summit, organized by M&I Systems Group partner –, was held in Split, Croatia last weekand it was a huge success.


In the two days that the event lasted, more than 20 international eminent speakers from the world of IT and business development took the stage to share their knowledge and stories. Among them, we are proud to point out the president of M&I Systems Group, Vladan Balaban, as well as the Team Lead of the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) team in our company, Lazar Miletić.


Vladan gave a lecture on the topic: “The future of business development”, where he talked about development strategies that every company looking to the future, should think about. His business philosophy is that at the core of every technology and innovation is the customer, and only guided by this truth, companies can take steps forward and be ahead of their competition on the market.


The demo session entitled: “Automate to elevate – RPA driving the e-commerce excellence” caused great reactions thanks to our colleague Lazar, who showed a practical example of how, with the help of a software robot, you can overcome challenges such as the number of returned orders, overstocking and reach increase in sales.


The goal of this conference according to the event organizers was to encourage business leaders to use new technologies and implement process automation, which would lead to the improvement of business processes within companies. We are honored to have been part of such a gathering, and we hope that we have helped to achieve the goal of the conference.


If you are interested in more about technologies like RPA, AI, or BI, feel free to contact us. We are open to any kind of conversation and cooperation.