FAQ for candidates

How do I apply for a position at M&I Systems Group?

After you have found a vacancy for a position you are interested in and if you meet the specified expectations, click the “APPLY” button to complete the application.

If you do not see a position that matches your interests, please apply by clicking on “Surprise Us” so that we will contact you when the vacancy opens.

What is the minimum requirement to apply for a job?

When applying for a job, you need to enter the specified information in the form. You may support your CV entered in the application with a cover letter.

In order to qualify for one of the active vacancies, it is necessary to meet all the basic expectations listed in the job description. Having the desired qualifications is not required but will help your application stand out.

Can I sign up to be automatically notified of new positions on your careers website?

Follow us on social networks (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook) and specialized sites (Joberty, HelloWorld) where we regularly advertise new positions.

What happens after I submit my CV to your website / ad?

If you are selected for the position you applied for, the HR team will contact you. You can read information about our selection process on the Selection Process page.

Who can see my profile / CV?

The HR team and the company management.

What if I apply from another country?

M&I Systems Group operates in several countries (Serbia, B&H, Croatia, Austria, and the USA). You will receive more detailed information from the HR team based on the laws of the country where you apply.

How do I know that I am in the narrowed-down candidate pool?

If you are selected for the position you applied for, the HR team will contact you. You can read information about our selection process on the Selection Process page. The selection process usually takes about a month.

What happens to my application if I don’t get selected?

We will carefully consider your application and contact you if we believe that you meet the requirements of the position for which you have applied.

If we do not currently need a candidate of your profile and experience due to the nature of the job, we will keep the application in our database and contact you if we have an open position that is more suitable for your experience and qualifications.

Can I apply for multiple positions?

We recommend applying for a position that matches your professional experience, knowledge, and skills. New positions are regularly published on our website, and it is up to you if you want to apply for several positions.

I am interested in the position, but I live in Belgrade / Niš / Kragujevac - do you have open positions there as well?

The place of work is indicated in each ad. The hybrid model of work that is currently in force enables the employment of colleagues outside the specified workplace, and the frequency of coming to the company headquarters is defined depending on the type of position and team.

Do you hire people without previous work experience?

Our internship programs are available throughout the year, and we regularly announce them on the website and social networks. For more information, please visit the Internship Program page.

What can I expect at a job interview?

At the interview with the HR team, we get to know each other and talk about your work experience, knowledge, interests, and also about our company, the projects we are working on, benefits, and working conditions. A technical interview involves an interview with the Team Leader or one of the team members about your knowledge, experience in various projects, and the technologies used (with the possibility of a technical assignment).

What does the selection process look like at M&I Systems Group?

After a detailed screening of the received applications, a decision is made as to which candidates will enter the selection process. The first round of the selection process includes an HR interview lasting 30 to 45 minutes to assess competencies and the degree to which the candidate fits into the company’s culture and value system. If the candidate enters the next selection interview, they will have the opportunity to meet their future team leader, discuss their previous experience more closely and participate in a practical assessment of technical knowledge and experience. A third round of the selection process may be organized in exceptional cases.

I am interested in one of the advertised positions in your company, but I do not have all the necessary qualifications. Should I apply?

Our advice is to send an application. After reviewing your application, we will assess whether you meet the requirements of the current vacancy or whether we have another position available that we believe is a better match for your experience. Of course, your CV remains in the candidate database, and we can contact you if there is an opportunity to hire a person of your profile.