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In the light of continuous innovation and dynamic changes in the financial sector, events like Stockholm Fintech Week are a key platform to review the latest trends and gain a deeper understanding of the development of the fintech industry. This was a great opportunity to exchange experiences with industry experts from over 30 countries, and to explore together innovative strategies and solutions that will shape the future of financial technology.

With representatives from major players such as MasterCard, Visa, Volvo, Microsoft and others, the conference assembled fantastic speakers who shed light on some significant insights and inspiring perspectives.


Integrated solutions

Fintech solutions increasingly strive for integration with non-financial platforms, resulting in the creation of a flexible and comprehensive user experience. This tendency indicates a continuous cross-section with the daily activities of users, and decrease in financial services as independent platforms.

Open banking & Open finance

Open access to data and infrastructure enables the integration of various financial products and services on one platform, which also leads to improved user experience.

Regulations and Compliance

One of the focal topics was the regulatory challenges, imperatives and opportunities brought by the evolution of financial technology. With the changing regulatory landscape around the world, conversations around compliance, data privacy and security will be essential for all participants.

AI factor

As expected, AI plays one of the key roles in the modernization of the financial sector. Through the personalization of services, process automation, fraud prevention, data analysis and improvement of user experience, the progressive growth of AI technologies as a factor in the development of the fintech industry is highly expected.

Stockholm Fintech Week gave us an invaluable insight into the future of financial technology and its impact on global business and society. It is always a pleasure to be part of gatherings that are inspiring for all of us who are committed to innovation and progress in our fields. They encourage us to always think outside the box and strive to create positive changes that will benefit both our customers and the market in the long term, and foster a healthy and strong competitive climate.