About Us

M&I Systems Group is a company founded on January 23, 1991, as Management & Information Systems Company. After more than three decades of business, it is considered a regional leader in business software and digital transformation within various business processes and industrial veins.

We are, first and foremost, a people-oriented company – our advice, solutions, and expertise are at the service of people and partners to help them develop their businesses. We are inspired by cutting-edge technology and driven by our desire to help – we want to be a long-term partner for success and growth. As such, we must deliver value at every level, making our partners feel supported and empowered – we are a collaborator in solving business challenges.

Our mission follows in the footsteps of our business strategy to put us at the forefront of innovation, growth, and transformation – we are an agile, dynamic, innovative, and visionary partner in the world of business technology.

M&I Systems Group is a partner for companies to transform and manage their business by discovering the value of a systematic approach, knowledge, experience, and technology. As a leading strategic partner to companies throughout the region, we have relied on our decades of experience, deep professional expertise in the industry, and mastery of rapidly evolving areas within technology, artificial intelligence, connectivity, software, and digital engineering, and have been continuously expanding our portfolio for over 30 years.