Customer Relationship Management

Synchronicity. Synergy. Salesforce.

For many years, Salesforce has held a leading position as the best CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform globally, thanks to its visionary approach and strategic development directions. The company achieved its differentiation in the market with a synergistic approach and active involvement of its business users and the community in platform development.

M&I Systems Group has been a licensed partner of Salesforce since 2020. Our specialized teams for Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Community Cloud, apply their knowledge and expertise to solutions for domestic and international clients, enabling comprehensive and easy access to all segments of their business, and synchronizing processes into harmonious and highly operational systems.

Why Salesforce?

Regardless of the business industry, the needs of the modern market require the modification of business models and the digital transformation of companies. By automating processes and making data management tools available, productivity and market competitiveness are increased, and the costs of unnecessary procedures are reduced.

By introducing the Salesforce solution, all data of one system are updated and stored on the Cloud, and all teams have access to them, at any time, from any location. By networking communication and information, one gains insight into the entire business with the possibility of a timely reaction.

A strategic approach to success

Research shows that as many as 91% of users turn to brands that personalize their products and services.

In modern business, a strategic decision that makes a difference in positioning in the market is the reorientation of the entire business to listening to the needs of users, while the product itself becomes something that is taken for granted. This kind of approach (customer-centric approach), in addition to the continuous development of products, processes, and sales, implies consideration and improvement of all three aspects, but from the perspective of the end consumer.

In order for the user to experience a unique and personalized experience, M&I Systems Group implements Salesforce tools that enable companies to have a holistic, so-called “360-degree” approach to business, as well as insight into the user journey based on which further strategic decisions are made. Creating such an ecosystem applies to every type and size of the company. Coordination of all teams within the system ensures a timely flow of information and frictionless functioning.