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Walker Interactive, The Dodge Group, Tesseract, Software 2000,Global Software, Quality Software Products, Computron, Ross Systems, IMRS, Lawson, JD Edwards, Cullinet, McCormack & Dodge, Management Science America…

Do you know what this is?

It is a list of the largest ERP software manufacturers of the 90s.

Do you know what they all have in common?

All the companies were American and none of them exists now.

Do you know why?

They were oriented mainly to the American market and did not understand the importance of the challenges brought by globalization and the importance of the requirements for business transformation.

What were the challenges and requirements?

Business software (ERP) must simultaneously support different languages, currencies, legal systems, fiscal years, etc. Of course, it goes without saying that it should adapt to new upcoming technologies (client/server concept, internet, etc.).

Who has responded most successfully to those challenges and demands?


Starting with one client and a few employees in 1972, SAP set out on a path that would not only transform the world of information technology but forever change the way companies do business. Now, 50 years later, SAP is fueled more than ever by the pioneering spirit that inspired its founders to continuously transform the IT industry.

SAP in numbers today

SAP is the market leader in business software, with more than 440,000 customers in more than 180 countries and 107,000 employees worldwide. About 80% of SAP customers are small and medium-sized enterprises. Total revenue in 2021 was €27.84 billion, including €9.4 billion from cloud business (expected to reach more than €22 billion by 2025).
SAP works with around 22,700 partners and develops software solutions for 25 industries. In 2021, the number of employees in research and development amounted to 30% of the total number of employees. SAP has more than 100 development locations worldwide, including 20 SAP Labs development centers and 17 Co-Innovation Labs. Today, SAP customers generate 87% of total global trade ($46 trillion). 99 of the 100 largest companies in the world are SAP customers. 85 of the 100 largest companies in the world are SAP S/4HANA customers.

SAP and M&I Systems Group

The cooperation was established immediately after the appearance of SAP on our market at the beginning of the 2000s. Not only because the founders of SAP and the founder of M&I Systems Group, i.e., Prof. Neđo Balaban, Ph.D. had a very similar vision of business software development and the need for business transformation but also because we were aware that some of our clients would also reach the need to implement a global business solution – a challenge for which we were ready and qualified. Our consultants implemented their expertise and experience in business process optimization, providing our clients with an optimal transition from our ERP to SAP.
In 2012, we formalized our cooperation and became an official SAP Partner.
Since then, we have had a series of successful implementations and roll-outs of various SAP solutions, including the latest SAP S/4 HANA solutions.

Our team

Our SAP team consists of 22 consultants and experts, nine of whom have over 15 years of experience in SAP, and each of those nine consultants has participated in over 30 SAP projects. In total, M&I consultants and experts have over 220 years of experience in SAP and successful participation in over 300 SAP projects, making us one of the most relevant regional SAP partners.

When necessary, we also have very successful cooperation with other SAP partners or independent SAP experts.

Business transformation

We provide our clients with efficient and effective digital business transformation by implementing state-of-the-art SAP solutions (on-premise, in the cloud, or hybrid).

Our primary goal is to provide you with a quality solution tailored to your business needs. With our knowledge, expertise, and commitment, we establish and nurture long-term partnerships.

Our SAP team provides services in the context of:

  • Implementation of the SAP integrated business solution,
  • Integration of SAP solutions with other non-SAP applications,
  • The corporate rollout of SAP solutions,
  • Support and maintenance of SAP solutions,
  • System upgrade,
  • Upgrades of existing functionalities through SAP standard solutions,
  • Industrial solutions or additional developments,
  • Development of new functionalities according to the client’s business needs,
  • Service Desk customer support (24/7)

There are several key factors determining the success of the SAP project implementation:

  • Support from the company’s top management
  • Project leadership and project methodology (ASAP methodology)
  • Change management

The experience of our SAP team includes the following areas (SAP modules and solutions):

FI: Financial Accounting
CO: Controlling
MM: Materials Management
SD: Sales and Distribution
PM: Plant Maintenance
PP: Production Planning
QM: Quality Management
LE-WM: Logistics and Warehouse Management
HCM: Human Resource Management
BPC: Business Planning and Consolidation
BW: Reporting
ABAP: Developments and Interfaces
BC: Technical Support
PM: Project Management