Together we create the future we want for our people, our society, and our planet

Social responsibility is one of the postulates guiding M&I Systems Group. During three decades, we have carried out various activities in the field of education and sports, of which we are particularly proud, intending to remain committed to the development of society, oriented towards young people’s support.

Breathing the values of the society inside which we create, we strive to implement a series of projects and initiatives whose significance contributes to the creation of the most beautiful social values. Culture and art are the thread that will always hold us together.

M&I Systems Group conducts socially responsible operations through three key segments:


  • Guided by humanism, will, and energy to be part of positive changes, we decided to support the education of young people in business information systems.
  • Prof. Neđo Balaban, Ph.D., founded M&I Systems more than three decades ago and shared his conceptual visioning approach to information technologies with the students of the Faculty of Economics in Subotica for decades. He dedicated his working life to professional and personal development and the selfless sharing of knowledge.
  • “Foundation of Prof. Neđo Balaban, Ph.D.” continues to nurture these values, rewards success, and encourages self-initiative, creativity, and innovation among students.
  • The foundation’s primary goal is support for the best students of the Faculty of Economics in Subotica (major: Business Information Systems) and those striving to leave a lasting and quality mark on society, a mark worth remembering.


  • Sports, as the universal language of all people, can bring together people who believe in the team’s vision. The Vojvodina hockey club was the champion of FR Yugoslavia six times, once of Serbia and Montenegro, and it won the winner’s cup of FR Yugoslavia three times.
  • Vojvodina hockey club finished the 2021/22 season as the champion of Serbia. Through sports as the universal language of all people, we want to initiate all good in the community, believing that the generations to come will continue to cherish all the values for which we strive.
  • Over 180 boys and girls of various ages and competition categories play hockey at Vojvodina Hockey Club. We proudly work to promote sports and healthy life for future generations.

Art and culture

  • Social trends and innovations create space for artistic, social, and moral responsibility. Guided by this, we know how important it is to support cultural projects that contribute to the development and creation of positive habits in people. That is why mutual support is a significant basis for improving culture.
  • In the name of culture, multi-ethnicity, and creativity, we supported the ARS E FEMMINA project, which is part of the program marking the year 2022, in which Novi Sad is the European capital of culture.
  • In the wake of “Letters to a faraway darling”, guided by the hand, thought, heart, and deeds of Novi Sad heroines, the authors of the project portray contemporary Novi Sad through music, movement, words, and dance, where Nine Vojvodina girls create and promote a culture of peace, untouched by daily political issues.
  • In addition to the above activities, we support young artists in displaying their art, skills, and works in our multipurpose Gallery, within the headquarters of M&I Systems Group in the Industrial Zone of Novi Sad.