Robotic Process Automation

Meet the robot - your new colleague

Are your employees spending too much time entering repetitive data?
Do you want them to devote themselves to more efficient and innovative tasks?
Do you want to increase sales and save on operating costs while adding more value to your customers?

A new digital colleague will help you with that.

The path of accelerated transformation

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    With your new digital colleague from Robotiq, you can relieve your employees of manual, repetitive, time-consuming, and error-prone tasks. That gives you additional free time to accelerate your business processes and focus on activities that will add value to your business.
    The integration of our RPA platform is simple, and results and return on investment are visible quickly, depending on the number of automated processes.

    RPA technology enables

    Reducing costs and increasing employee satisfaction

    By freeing employees from repetitive tasks, they may focus on other relevant aspects of their work, thus reducing costs and achieving business savings.

    Accuracy and consistency

    Robots perform processes accurately and consistently, reducing the error ratio in process execution.

    Improved user experience

    Since RPA robots are faster and more accurate, the service is available to customers faster, resulting in a better user experience.

    Reliability and scalability

    The software robot does not take a vacation or sick leave and works 24/7. It can be replaced, removed, or added to the process at any time according to market needs.

    Non-invasive technology

    The implementation of RPA software does not require any changes in the existing IT structure of the company.

    Selected processes

    Finance and Banking

    • Invoice processing
    • Payables and receivables
    • Reporting
    • Bank settlement
    • Client onboarding
    • Card issuing (Visa, Master)

    Human resources

    • Onboarding
    • Absence management
    • Entering employee data into multiple systems
    • Performance appraisal management
    • Time and attendance management


    • Return processing
    • Web purchase order processing
    • Sales report generation
    • Demand and supply planning
    • Sales order management


    • Creating new accounts
    • Software installations and updates
    • Batch processing
    • Routine maintenance and supervision

    Selected industries

    Banking and Finance, Insurance, Hospitality, Retail, Manufacturing, Transport and Logistics, Utilities, Telecommunications, Public Sector

    Successful implementation

    “The advantage of using the Robotiq platform is the short implementation time (4-6 weeks), and it was seamless, required little development to implement the solution, and the benefits were realized immediately.”
    Hannes Oberschmid, Director of BDO Austria