Payroll Outsourcing

Timely and flexible management of your company's most important resource

The administration of human resources and payroll enables small (less than 500 employees), medium (500 – 1500 employees), and large companies (more than 1500 employees) to fully automate this process. HR and payroll solutions are core administrative and legislative solutions but also controlling and monitoring tools. Payroll and HR software can be used separately but also as a single solution for managing and monitoring resources and administration, from financial to human resources, for companies with a minimum of 50 employees. Both solutions are web-based, with mobile app add-on options (e.g., approving vacation requests and scheduling tasks on mobile, tracking annual quotas, etc.).

The entire process is closely controlled by ISO standards and NDA agreements. The solution is adaptable to the requirements and changes in billing modalities from industry to industry and from business to business. Also, the core product can be adapted to the business needs of companies to a certain extent.