Internship: GO4

The internship program is custom made for students and graduates, and it provides them a better understanding of business in a most effective way, as well as necessary skills for a successful career.

We encourage the desire of our trainees to explore and shape the future with their ideas through a flexible program that provides access to various business areas.

Experience in GO4 programs is an opportunity to exchange knowledge and work on real projects and tasks, taking their knowledge and preferences into account, all through mentoring support from our experienced colleagues.

Opportunities for a great start to a professional career through three-week internship programs:

Go4Consulting program

Interns within the Go4Consulting program have the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals-consultants who help our clients to operate profitably and efficiently by providing their insights into improving business processes through business applications. Also, they have the opportunity to gain invaluable practical experience that cannot be learned from textbooks, such as business processes, databases, business economics, business intelligence systems and others.

Go4Code program

Go4Code is a three-week mentoring program that combines theoretical lectures with work on real programming projects and hands-on learning. This intensive program offers participants the opportunity to work directly with mentors of different profiles, to experience the dynamics of teamwork, to learn from the lecturers and from each other, as well as to develop and improve their programming skills. During the duration of the program, participants have the opportunity to develop skills that will help them prepare for a career in the IT industry.

Go4Business program

The Go4Business internship provides a diverse, challenging, fun and educational experience for students and graduates with an economic or social focus (accounting and finance, HR, marketing, sales).