Support and maintenance

With its expertise, M&I Systems Group provides the client with know-how consulting services in terms of recognizing the client’s business needs and their effective realization through the implementation and maintenance of SAP solutions.

System support and improvement activities:

  • Upgrade of the existing system
  • Changes in accordance with the requirements of local legislation
  • Improvement of existing functionalities through SAP standard solutions, SAP industrial solutions and/or additional developments
  • Development of new functionalities in accordance with the client’s business needs
  • Maintenance and improvement of interfaces to other, non-SAP applications.
  • SAP BI as an upgrade to the ERP system in order to improve the quality of reporting and real time business analysis in order to make the right decisions.

The development of our company has significant support in the development of the SAP team. Accordingly, our recognition on the market as a trusted partner, a company with which system maintenance implies its constant improvement, stands out. We also provide support for systems in the implementation of which we did not directly participate, but with our knowledge and experience we are ready to respond to such challenges. Also, we stand out in design and support for solutions that are not part of SAP standard solutions, but are recognized as key in the business of domestic companies (KEP, currency clause, etc.).