Today, modern and successful companies understand that they must move quickly but with more empathy and openness to daily changes.

M&I Systems Group represents a reliable partner for establishing the rules of a new and modern way of doing business. We implement innovations that drive exponential impact in changing the work methodology.

Our consulting approach helps organizations leverage technology and innovation to shape their visions, successfully execute their digital transformation process, and reposition their businesses to create exceptional and sustainable value from their technology investments.

Our Group’s expert team helps you identify and solve the challenges that stand in the way of your growth and progress:

Analysis of the business processes of a company

It involves going to the client’s site, talking with key users, and recording the current state and way of work in the existing application.

Consideration and proposal of the future way of work in the new information system

Based on the current situation, good practices, weaknesses, and difficulties in the present work are identified, and efforts are made to optimize business processes through a new ERP or another system.

Development of a conceptual design

The previous two steps are combined into a document called Conceptual Design (Business Blueprint), confirmed by the client, and used in additional system setup.

Creation of functional specifications for development

All additional improvements to an existing ERP or other software solution require the creation of a detailed specification sent to the developer for development.

Helping developers and testing the new solution

Together with the developer, we work on solving new requirements while respecting the existing or creating new business logic in the system.

System configuration and setup

System setup includes test data migration, document setup, report generation, and printing according to the business process defined in the conceptual design.

Testing the future way of working through the ERP system together with the client

Presentation of the future solution to the client and final settings.

Creation of user instructions and user training

User instructions are created to follow each business process chronologically, and users are trained to work in the ERP system with the instructions, on the spot.

Data migration

After confirmation of the entire process and user training, the final migration of the existing data from the client to the new database used by the ERP system is performed.

Putting the system into production and providing support to users

After the system is put into production, daily support is provided to users, potential problems are eliminated, and operational ambiguities are resolved. Also, the introduction of the new system brings the need for additional improvements and new requirements implemented through regular support.