Kroog Ventures

Kroog Ventures is a hybrid investment platform of M&I Systems Group, focused on European startup projects, sustainable opportunities, and investment in their early stages of development.

Founded by accomplished experts in the information systems industry and experienced business people, Kroog Ventures supports startups not only financially but also with strategic and operational solutions, thereby bringing them to international networking and the capital market.

Through careful market research, Kroog is committed to identifying and strengthening new values that will put the next generation of technology innovators in the spotlight.

Our projects


Joberty bridges the gap between job seekers and technology companies – an award-winning platform that enables a transparent and reliable dialogue between the two parties, thus eliminating any potential differences in further communication.

The truth policy promoted by Joberty creates a unique selling factor, has already positioned Joberty as one of the leading employment platforms in the Balkans, and has created an advantage for young professionals, recruiters, and HR managers.


Robotiq is a platform for business process automation using RPA (Robotic Process Automation). Software robots, or digital peers, take over repetitive administrative tasks from humans by mimicking their actions on computers.

An RPA tool, a digital peer, is a supplement to the human workforce, a technology that works together with people, giving tasks more value and making daily work activities easier. The most important result is employee satisfaction and company scalability.

RPA is fast, easy to implement, and produces very measurable effects. Also, it does not make significant changes to the existing IT environment.

According to Gartner, RPA is the fastest-growing segment of business software today.