Digital transformation means not only a competitive advantage but also survival in the market. In order to use the full potential of digitization, a reliable, strategic partner is needed throughout the transformation journey of a company.

In order to jointly overcome the arising obstacles, our teams are available for over 300 clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week, throughout the year and efficiently and quickly resolve all challenges and requests.

Available support channels:

An IT service management strategy is critical to a great experience for all users and customers. That means we have ensured continuous operation of our network with the lowest downtime and efficient and timely resolution of technical issues.

In order for each of our clients to finish their working day carefree, we provide a flexible way of negotiating the required level of support. The agreement contains a clause on quarterly adjustment of and change in the agreed support level according to the client’s objective needs, which is each client’s choice.

As the client is our priority and we look at every cooperation as a long-term partnership, all the agreed benefits not used by the client in the quarterly period are carried over to the next period.