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Beyond Smart Reports

As a result of market demands and the fact that ubiquitous digitization is turning the world into data, forcing companies to become more data-driven in a business intelligence context, M&I Systems, Co. has developed the Beyond Smart Reports application. This application is part of the Beyond Business Suite and enables the transformation of business data into powerful visualization, a multidimensional overview of data through graphical and table views.

Beyond Smart Reports is intended for anyone who wants to understand their products, finances, and customers, as well as track sales through these business aspects. The use of different analytical models and forms of visualization allows the exchange of information and knowledge at all necessary levels in the organization. That enables making reliable and quick business decisions and taking timely actions based on qualitative data analysis.

The main benefit of the Smart Reports application reflects in the presentation of business data through various forms of visualization and customized reports. That enables business transparency and making better and more intelligent decisions based on actual business data. Through a personalized overview of reports and permissions to users that correspond to their rights and position, as well as focus on a specific set of data through aggregation, filtering, sorting, and grouping options, operational efficiency is improved, and better business performance is enabled.

The business of companies today depends to a large extent on their ability to understand and use the large amounts of data at their disposal. The Smart Reports application plays a vital role in fulfilling this goal because its advanced functionalities enable the transformation of business culture from reactive to proactive, which is a prerequisite for successful business and market survival in today’s digital economy.