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With the ribbon-cutting ceremony, the President of the Group, Vladan Balaban, the CEO of the American company Lightspeed Financial Group, Farid Naib, and the General Manager, Nikola Balaban, opened the new head office of M&I Systems Group within the NS Office Park center.
On that occasion, we celebrated more than three decades of experience and idea creation in a good atmosphere, with our colleagues and partners, good music, and fireworks, convinced that every day we push our innovative and technological boundaries, knowing that leadership is measured by the quality provided to clients and all those with whom trust and success are built.

Our new business premises occupy 12 floors, with offices and meeting rooms, and rest and recreation facilities that exude elegance, simplicity, and comfort. Our head office is decorated with an art gallery that will be part of the story we continue together.

A spacious center for education in the latest programming languages, development philosophy, capital markets, and finance will be available to all those who want to develop in that direction and influence the development of the community as a whole.