We are a Team

Our story was started almost three decades ago by a few enthusiasts who believed in their ideas and that they would change the information technology market for the better one day. Today, those ideas and values ​​live on, and we are the ones who realize their dreams and goals – together.

M&I Systems Group has more than 300 employees in five countries who work daily to improve our portfolio through new ideas and goals. Having a joint focus on the same target, experience, and knowledge in many business processes and industries, products, services, and solutions that enable business automation and business model transformation, we have earned numerous references in the regional market.

Our presence in the domestic and regional IT market for more than three decades has been reflected in a diverse portfolio, projects with companies that are market leaders in their field, and partnership cooperation with the world’s most famous companies. All of this provides our employees with a permanent opportunity for learning, following trends from the business world, participating in various stages of business cooperation, and thus an opportunity for career development.

Working in the M&I Systems Group means working in a dynamic environment where hard work is appreciated, advancement is possible, constant learning of new skills and knowledge exchange is possible. We encourage each other’s creativity and self-initiative, we solve challenges, because solutions are our common future, with an excellent working atmosphere, feedback culture and mutual trust and respect.

Our employees have the opportunity to enjoy their daily activities in the company, while at the same time working on personal and professional development.