M&I Systems Group has been operating for 30 years as one of the leaders in IT solution development and implementation. With a focus on the development of ERP software solutions, BI systems, banking and fintech software, specialized solutions for various industries, as well as the provision of services such as business process management, optimization, and performance management, we provide our partners with long-term support and continuous impetus in improving their business.

We value quality, love loyalty, and have respect for trust and honesty – we are:

PROfessional beyond courtesy. We ensure our relationship with all stakeholders is long-term, respectful, timely and accurate;

PROactive beyond our size. We are passionate about innovation, discovery, knowledge, future, opportunity, growth.

PROwessed beyond dictionary. We are bold, talented, perceptive and persistent. Our never-say-die attitude ensures growth no matter the circumstances. We cultivate self-confidence.