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06 – 09.03.2022.


Once again, Kopaonik Business Forum brought together a lot of businesspeople, professors, economic experts, investors, and representatives of international financial organizations, to exchange knowledge on the most current topics in innovation and economy in Serbia.

The topic that attracted everyone’s attention was: “Who needs a strong IT industry, and why everyone?”. The conclusion was that the entire digital transformation process towards a sustainable world is a tremendous challenge for all of us, a joint responsibility of the government, the private sector, and civil society as the economy, ecology, and development as a whole would be even more successfully connected.

In a conversation with colleagues from the industry, our management representatives recalled the importance of encouraging innovative solutions and sustainable development of the IT industry and investing in it.

Regional cooperation is a necessary prerequisite for the future of the region, and such dialogues provide opportunities for learning, adoption, and implementation of best practices.