Beyond Global Mobility

Strategic cooperation between BDO Austria and M&I Systems Group since the incorporation of M&I Systems, Co. GmbH in Graz, is based on developing our business and positioning in the European Union market. So far, the areas of cooperation have included SAP, BI, RPA, BPM, and development. However, with the project aimed at developing the Beyond Global Mobility application, our cooperation gained a new dimension.

BDO is one of the world’s largest networks of firms providing services in auditing, accounting, business, and tax consulting. BDO has over 1,600 offices in 167 countries around the world, where 80,120 employees work with one goal: to provide first-class service to clients.

Beyond Global Mobility represents a product in the area of tax regulations and processes related to the stay of employees in a country other than their home country (so-called expatriates and frequent business travelers). The goal of this application is to enable the automation of tax splitting, which currently requires great time and financial resources for companies around the world that have such employees in their structure.

The automation of this process resulted from our business expertise and technical knowledge, combined with the global experience of the BDO team and their knowledge of the challenges in the world market. That enabled us to raise our cooperation to a higher level through joint effort and recognize the opportunity, which, with an innovative approach, allowed us to automate a seemingly small, but for many companies, very financially and time-demanding process.

Beyond Global Mobility is a cloud application accessible to key users on all devices. Through an intuitive user interface, quick and easy calculation of all tax costs is enabled. This application is intended for all companies that have employees outside the borders of their home country. However, consulting firms and auditing companies, which already offer calculation services related to this process to their clients, have a particular interest.

The development of Beyond Global Mobility is a joint investment of M&I and BDO Austria, co-financed by ADA (Austrian Development Agency). The cooperation with BDO Austria enabled us to present at the BDO Global conference, attended by 500 employees from over 50 countries, who are potential users and ambassadors of this product.